Who we are

BM is born by the initiative of Mario Brambilla in 1954. It begins its activity as a precision mechanics workshop dedicated to produce parts for scientific instrumentation.
Technical competence, continous improvement, attention to quality and services allows BM to extend its offer to other technology fields such as biomedical, safety&defense , railways, communications etc. Following market’s requirements, BM opens up during the 90s its metal sheet bending unit.

Consolidation and sinergy between the two units allow BM to offer to its customers the complete mechanical spectrum of products. Continuing with his vision for a wide spectrum of competences, in 2000 BM acquires RS, an electronic company working in the field for over 40 years. This way BM is capable of offering a 360 degrees wide range of skills, being able to build integrated systems for every kind of sector.
BM is today a dynamic company offering its customers all the necessary skills to be an extremely reliable OEM partner.

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To consolidate and affirm BM as a valued partner for the specific caratheristics of its services.
We firmly believe in values such as quality, commercial earnestness, customer satisfaction and we pursue them with costance and diligence.
We acknowledge our employees’ value, strategic importance and their skills in every process, as well as an open, fair and constructive communication.


We study and propose advanced technological solutions with resolve and constance in order to provide a quick and precise service.
We are constantly investing in technology in order to have most updated machinaries to respond to the most complex requests.

BM not only grants quality on finished products and raw materials but also on the entire productive process, certified by international certification bodies.

BM is certified in agreement with norms ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (Quality management system for medical devices), and ISO/TS 22163 IRIS (Quality management system for railway applications) and operates according to IPC and UL standards.

From raw materials to the finished product, thanks to a dedicated bar code system, we can follow the path of the product and the process quality throughout the entire production flow. BM constantly pursues improving the efficiency of its quality system in order to increase customer satisfaction, efficiency, and the skills of its collaborators.

From single component to the finished product: our services guarantee the highest level of efficiency in every phase of the life cycle of the product, from development to the delivery of turn key solutions.

We can be your partner in every phase of the developing or productive chain; we can deliver a single part (mechanics, metal sheet or electronics) up to assembling testing, packaging and shipping the complete product to any destination.

The ability to handle prototypes and small production batches “just in time”, combined with the continous exchange between our team and the customer, provide a peace of mind to the customer better than any other OEM.
Many of our customers rely on BM for “in-box” solutions, so they can focus on other primary activities to develop their business

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